In writing our personal accounts about our years with the Gentle Wind Project, 
we are reminded of a quote by E. L. Doctorow . . .

“When ideas go unexamined and unchallenged for a long enough time, certain things happen. 
They become mythological, and they become very, very powerful. 
They create conformity. They intimidate.” 

Leaders of organizations such as GWP, who have never been examined and challenged, come to believe in a distorted reality – that they can do and say whatever they want.  Being challenged is a new reality for the GWP leaders, one they are inexperienced to deal correctly with. So what did this self-proclaimed “highly evolved world-healing organization” do when faced with questioning and criticism? They attempted to use legal means as a form of intimidation to censor the freedom of speech of former members (and anyone else questioning their practices), who, in telling their personal stories, for the first time, provided an examination of hitherto unchallenged ideas and activities of the GWP organization and its leaders.

GWP leader, John D. Miller, and his five housemates -- Mary E. Miller, Carol R. Miller (John Miller's legal wife)Shelly Miller, Pam Ranheim, and Joan Carreiro (Mary Miller's sister) -- were the plaintiffs (please see Insiders' Stories for other names used by these individuals) All plaintiffs were, until recently, Board Members of GWP.  As per Gentle Wind's 2003 IRS Form 990  each of them received a salary increase in that year -- from $52,839 in 2002 to $71,799 per person, in addition to paid food and living expenses.  

The plaintiffs, who, as of September 2006,resided in GWP's Durham, NH residence (a luxury property that was titled privately to these individuals for many years -- purportedly due to a "scrivener's error" -- until Feb 2004, when it was suddenly transferred to the "Gentle Wind Project"), and in Kittery, ME (where GWP property was sold in November 2005 to Mary Ann Hale and Richard Hanelius, both associates of the Millers), and, until November 2003, in Melbourne Beach, Florida, hired Verrill & Dana law firm, Portland, ME, to file a lawsuit in Maine District (Federal) Court (which was dismissed), and then a new lawsuit in Maine Superior Court (also now dismissed) against former GWP members and others who dared to speak their minds about personal experiences with GWP and what they believed to be happening with GWP.

* GWP Address Update: According to the newest design for the Millers' GWP website, their contact address is now in Starks, Nevada, though the Millers' most recent lawsuit listed a Portsmouth, NH post office box, and they are now living in MA.  The latest names used by GWP leaders to market their wares: Family Systems Research Group / FSRG / IChing Systems.

As described on this page, the Maine Attorney General's lawsuit against GWP resulted in a signed Consent Decree with GWP's leaders that required the "nonprofit" to give up all business and assets. Additional terms of the AG's Consent Decree prohibit GWP from operating in the state of Maine, and the GWP leaders from running any other nonprofit in Maine.  

After reading what the GWP leaders have to say, we suggest that you do your own research about each of GWP's statements, talk to people outside of the Gentle Wind group, 
and then decide for yourself what makes sense.  

(NB: GWP removed a large amount of information from their website, as well as removing their entire website "Eye of the Sky"; however some of their statements about us and others are included in our Counterclaims. and Statement and in our Motion for Summary Judgmentand Statement of Material Facts included with Federal lawsuit documents below. In addition, versions of websites that change or disappear from the internet can sometimes be found on archival websites, such as the Way Back Machine
Welcome to
Former Cult Members' Stories of Recovery from Gentle Wind Project 

Copyright © 2004-2017 Wind of Changes. All Rights Reserved

Welcome!  Good Wishes for Peace, Health, and Truth !

The great humanistic task of the oppressed is to liberate themselves, 
and in doing so to liberate their oppressors as well   -- Paulo Freire

Thank you for visiting Wind of Changes  

This website is hosted by former members of the Gentle Wind Project Cult. 
We appreciate your time and interest, and hope that you are well served 
by the information and personal accounts you will find here. 
   Watch video: "Cult Recovery 101" with Jim Bergin    Also watch here.
After 17 years with Gentle Wind Project, Jim realized that he was in a cult.  
How did that happen? How does someone get drawn into a cult? How can you get someone out?

See YouTube Preview for film Cult Witness with Jim Bergin and others.. Also here
 ICSA Conference Panel --  Decline of the Gentle Wind Project: 
How Former Members Withstood a Lawsuit and Secured a Victory for Free Speech

New Notices . . .    To Followers of the Millers:  We've heard some very strange and outrageous tall tales, apparently spun by Mary and John Miller to discredit/demonize  former followers and Maine's Attorney General.  Examples:

Tall Tale #1) [A male whistleblower is] "in prison for a very long time for hacking into the Jimmy Fund"  --  FALSE  Call or email us to verify that we're here where we've always been and have never been incarcerated. This would be funny except that some followers believe it. 

Tall Tale #2)  [A female whistleblower] "drowned an elderly woman, covered up the crime, and  then took her money" -- FALSE  If you are a follower of the Millers and believe this, you may want to consider some psychological help, but not from the Millers. 

Tale Tale #3)  "Maine's Attorney General was relieved of her [his] job after this internet smear campaign"  [Millers'  gobbledygook for their fraud and con schemes]  -- FALSE  Steven Rowe, Maine's AG, and Carolyn Silsby, the Assistant AG who, on behalf of the state of Maine,  conducted the multiyear investigation into the illegal activities of Gentle Wind and the Millers; sued the Millers and their GWP for fraudulent practices; and banned them from any  future activities in Maine, have continued successfully in their positions (Rowe's term ended Jan 09).  Just call the Maine AG.  Fact checking is important when dealing with cults.

Tale Tale #4) "Two disgruntled former members who will remain namelesshave and continue to launch relentless, baseless attacks against [GWP} . . .Use their considerable wealth and political connections to intimidate, threaten, harass. . . extortion, bribery, hacking, wiretapping, physical violence. . . ." -- FALSE  Most people understand that cult leaders fling out desperate and amazing fabrications to demonize whistleblowers. This laughable defamation is a  classic example.  For the Millers' full rant, see PDF below)

 See GWP Connections for Life-Insights - FSRG I Ching Systems - Global Info Systems and more  Miller enterprises. The tricks and scams keep coming and changing their stripes; but one thing is certain. . .it's still the same con game.  See YouTube of Mary Miller where she sports new age workshop garb for aging gurus and allows herself to be called "doctor" with no credentials.

GWP original websites taken off line: and
(Websites that change or disappear can usually be found on archival websites, i.eWay Back Machine)

For a fleeting glance at  one of the latest disappearing Miller websites , check these PDF's:

Watch: "Cult Recovery 202" with Madeleine Tobias  -- Overcoming cult indoctrination. 

The Millers' Lawsuits Against Us Are Over!  

Statements by Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey 

Summary - Citizen Media Law Project 

Gentle Wind Drops Defamation Suit Ellsworth American

"A highly favorable settlement" Berkman Center for Internet & Society - Harvard Law School
and, Berkman Center's Gentle Wind Case Summaries Here 

GWP Drops Lawsuit Against Former Members  Foster's Sunday Citizen

Fate of GWP's Affiliate Network Uncertain  Foster's Sunday Citizen 

GW Drops Lawsuit Against Couple Portland Press Herald  

Whistle Blowers Knock Hot Air out of Gentle Wind  F.A.C.T. Net

GW Project Drops Lawsuit WLBZ-TV2

GW Drops Lawsuit Against Whistle Blowers Boston Globe 

Gentle Wind Dropped Strange Maine

Gentle Wind Project Becalmed  Disinterested Party
(Groups that, "Us[e] litigation like a weapon against perceived enemies...")"Former GWP members...not only walked away in triumph, but also logged another legal victory for freedom of speech on the Internet...." Cult News

Stipulation of Dismissal
Stipulation of Dismissal

Wind of Changes, this public service website, is offered by former

"instrument keepers" of the Gentle Wind Project (ex-members) 

to former and present followers and  current "instrument keepers,"

as an alternative viewpoint to the GWP leaders' self-promotion, claims, and publicity. 

These detailed accounts of manipulation by GWP leaders -- who claim(ed) to have 

exclusive connections with the "spirit world" -- in the day-to-day lives of followers, 

and the subtleties of how commitment to the group happened, should also be helpful 

to families and friends of present members who are looking for answers, and 

to anyone searching for more information about the group.
If you, or someone you know, are considering a personal commitment to GWP/FSRG/I-Ching Systems/etc. – by attending an "open house" or seminar,  requesting a "telepathic healing," or using or purchasing a  “healing instrument" - you can now read the actual experiences of former members in A Husband's Perspective  and Insiders' Stories and judge their stories for yourself . . . before getting involved. 

Here you will find highly personal accounts combined with vivid examples from 17-year members, former "healing instrument keepers" and former Board Members of GWP. 

In spite of the hurt and personal losses experienced during their involvement in the GWP cult, these former members offer a very hopeful message of enthusiastic and grateful reconnection with the wider world following their recovery from GWP. By relating to these positive and poignant stories, present GWP members may come to believe that they, too, can find fulfilling lives after releasing themselves from GWP's bonds. 

News stories, blogs, opinions, financial background, and information about GWP's leaders follow below and on Comments,  GWP "Connections," Counterclaims,  Personal Statements,  and Resources.

 News Report: KOLO-8 TV, Reno NV produced a News Report about gwp. We assume from the report that the central figure in the story - a Sparks NV school teacher who alledgedly used "healing instruments" on her students in the classroom-is a gwp follower. After being put out of business by Maine's Attorney General, the Millers revamped their gwp website, listing a Sparks NV address, though they are probably living in MA.

James Randi's Swift commentary on the gwp Nevada story: Gentle Wind Persists

News from Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe

Office of Licensing & Registration - State of Maine 
"Charitable Solicitations Disciplinary Action -- The Gentle Wind Project" 

Press Release:  Office of the Attorney General
"State Enters into Consent Decree with the Gentle Wind Project 
for Deceptive Practices and Violations." 

"Public Notice of Receivership of the Gentle Wind Project and the Need to File a Proof of Claim" 

Maine's Attorney General announces a restitution and reimbursement claim period * for those who                     purchased so-called "healing instruments" from John and Mary Miller et al and the former "gwp."   
       New Hampshire Attorney General Press Release "....I urge all New Hampshire consumers who meet 
       the criteria... to make a claim for restitution.  Boston GlobeConcord MonitorWCSH-TV Portland, Portsmouth Herald 

     * NB: If you, or someone you know, purchased products from the Millers after the Attorney General's restitution period                  ended, you might wish to seek advice from Maine or NH's Attorney Generals or with your own state's Attorney General.

Maine AG offers additional grants from lawsuit settlement money against fraudulent Gentle Wind. Press Release
Windfall by Disinterested Party -- Attorney General's new claim period

"Kittery Nonprofit's Customers to Get Refunds" Portland Press Herald

"Blown Away: AG’s Office Puts Gentle Wind Project Out of Business" Ellsworth American

"GWP loses assets in AG deal" Portsmouth Herald

"Maine AG Shuts Down GWP" Casewatch: Your Guide to Health Fraud- and Quackery-Related Legal Matters

"'Cult' called 'Gentle Wind' is Blown Away by Maine's AG"Post Chronicle and Cult News 

"Lawyers Drop Gentle Wind; Say Group Hasn't Paid Up"

"Controversial Gentle Wind Back in Business"

"Gentle Wind Still Blowing" Disinterested Party

"Gentle Wind Blown Away" Swift: JREF Newsletter (James Randi Educational Foundation)

A small sampling of state court documents:

Plaintiffs' [Attorneys'] Motion for Leave to Withdraw........... 

Verrill Dana attorneys James Goggin, Daniel Rosenthal, and Suzannah Pogue "move to withdraw from representation" of the plaintiffs on grounds of "deliberately disregard[ing] . . . expenses or fees.

Notice of Appearances pro se for plaintiffs John Miller, Mary Miller
Carol Miller, Shelly Miller, Pam Ranheim, Joan Carreiro.....................

The Miller's Motion [to exclude mention in front of a jury of the Attorney 
General's Lawsuit against GWP or mention of the AG's Consent Decree]: 

Our response: Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Exclude the Consent Decree:
"Plaintiffs' [the Millers, Carreiro, and Ranheim] admissions [in the Attorney General's 
Consent Decree] are directly related and, therefore, highly relevant to their claims...and [Defendants'] Counterclaims....the prejudicial effect of highly probative evidence is not grounds for exclusion...."

Our Motion and Supplemental Motion to Exclude Certain of the Plaintiffs (the Millers' )
Trial Exhibits: Principally on grounds of hearsay, Rule 403, relevance... 

And, preceding the AG's Consent Decree, posted above. . .

Maine Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against GWP:

Maine AG Files Lawsuit Against GWP"  WMTW-TV

"State Suing Kittery 'Healing' Group" Portland Press Herald / Maine Today

"'Gentle Wind Project' Exposed"  Dave Touretzky

Maine AG: Spiritual Group is Run Illegally" Fosters Sunday Citizen

"Couple: Maine Lawsuit Vindicates Our Claims" Fosters Sunday Citizen

“'Cult' Busted in Maine" The Post Chronicle and Cult News from Rick Ross

"Former 'Healers' Face Consumer Fraud Lawsuit" The Ellsworth American

"Gentle Wind and Justice"  SWIFT - JREF Weekly Newsletter [James Randi]

"Gentle Wind Project Facing Dissolution"  National Council Against Health Fraud

"AG Files Suit Against Nonprofit, Trustees" Portsmouth Herald

"Maine Attorney General to Shut Down GWP" S.I.A. Investigative News, 7-14-06

"Nonprofit Offering Healing Devices Sued by AG" Boston Globe

"Maine AG Files Suit Against Gentle Wind" The Truth Campaign, 7-20-06

"Maine AG Sues Cult"  Wash Park Prophet

"Windbreaker"  Disinterested Party

"Maine Files Suit Against Gentle Wind"  Skeptico

Also by Skeptico: "Gentle Wind Recants"

"Tide Turns Against Gentle Wind Scam" Strange Maine

"Maine AG Sues Non-Profit Healing Organization" WCSH-TV Portland and WLBZ-TV2 Bangor






You are welcome to ask us questions about stories/fabrications you might have heard or read about 
ex-followers of GWP, or other critics, on the Gentle Wind websites or directly from the GWP/FSRG/etc leaders, followers, and "instrument keepers." Since we anticipated these reactions from the GWP leaders, we aren't surprised at their allegations and misinformation.  It was predictable and is a universal reaction from leaders of these types of groups and their followers.  

The most obvious examples of this predictability were the lawsuits filed by GWP and its leaders against critics. (Scroll to bottom of this page to read the gwp state lawsuit.)

For more discussions we have listed many useful books on our Resources page, 
including the new and highly recommended 
Take Back Your Life: Recovery from Cults and Abusive Relationships by Lalich and Tobias.  


As Jonathan Swift stated long ago: "It is useless to attempt to reason a man [or woman] 
out of a thing he [or she] was never reasoned into." 

"In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been 'shown the light' . . . or have been transformed in miraculous ways."  -- The Battle for Your Mind

"Just as most soldiers believe bullets will hit only others, not themselves, most citizens like 
to think that their own minds and thought processes are invulnerable. 
'Other people can be manipulated, but not me,' they declare." -- Margaret Singer, Ph.D

FORUMS by GWP former and present members:
For personal opinions, giving a look at present and past members' beliefs:

1)  "Discussion Forum: GWP Former Followers" for ex-members, present members, family, friends, and anyone seeking information about GWP:    

Described as "A resource for people to discuss their experiences, share evidence, and raise public awareness about GWP." Read these postings from objective readers, ex-members, gwp leaders followers.

2)  Click HERE and HERE for Bad Business Bureau's "GWP Rip-Off Reports( 2 reports).  
Read letters, poetry, criticism, and testimonies from people who consider themselves victims of GWP and also from present GWP followers on two different GWP Rip-Off sites.

3) Click  HERE for GWP's Conference Forum and HERE for GWP's own Instrument Keepers' Forum(NB: As of April 2006, the latter seems to have been removed from the Internet.)
GWP's own Forums. You could try applying for membership; however, 
they are, and have been, closed to any reading or posting. 

Extra Background & News Coverage 

GWP's / the Millers et al Lawsuit Against Former Members 
                                   was Dismissed from Federal Court                                         

AND . . . GWP / the Millers et al filed yet another lawsuit in Maine State Court

Dear Friends and Visitors,

On January 3, 2006 we received the long-awaited news that Senior District Judge Gene Carter granted our Motion for Summary Judgment on the Gentle Wind Project’s RICO (racketeering) claim - the only Federal claim that remained in GWP/the Millers' convoluted lawsuit against us: 

Order Granting Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment on Rico Claim and Judgment for Defendants. The Summary Judgment Order is also at United States District Court -- District of Maine

The Federal Court decision - Judgments entered for Defendants (us) and against Plaintiffs 
(Plaintiffs = GWP leaders: John “Tubby” Miller, Mary “Moe” Miller, Carol “Max” Miller, Shelbourne “Shelly” Miller, Pam Ranheim, Joan Carreiro, and Gentle Wind Project, Durham NH and Kittery ME) - is a positive outcome for anyone interested in the preservation of free speech on the Internet.

Judge Carter further ordered that GWP's lawsuit Counts III through VII against us (the state claims, such as defamation) also be dismissed from Federal Court. 

A large victory was also granted to Ian Mander of New Zealand Cult List, one of our many Federal lawsuit co-defendants originally sued by GWP leaders: Order Denying Plaintiffs Application for Default Judgment against Ian Mander. Judge Carter dismissed GWP/the Millers' Federal claims against Mander and denied their motion for default judgment against him. Ian Mander won this judgment without spending a dime on defense or responding to GWP/the Millers' lawsuit. 

Our other original co-defendants included Rick Ross of Cult Education Institute; Steve Gamble of Equilibra; Ivan Fraser of The Truth Campaign; and Steve Hassan of Freedom of Mind. 


GWP/the Millers et al Maine State Court lawsuit:  On 1-10-06 the Millers et al, and their lawyers, "came back," and re-filed their lawsuit (minus the dismissed Federal claims) in Maine state court against Jim Bergin, Judy Garvey, and also, oddly, against Ian Mander, Editor of New Zealand Cult List.  As described at the top of this page, that lawsuit is also now dismissed, marking the end of GWP's relentless attempts to silence former members and critics and force removal of this website.

We filed our Answer and Counterclaims, including defamation, against GWP, the Millers et al.  GWP's lawsuit, and our Counterclaims, were assigned to Maine Superior Court Justice G. Arthur Brennan of York County Maine Superior Court (Alfred, ME) and a Maine jury trial was scheduled for December 2006.  Shortly before this happened, the Millers wanted out and victory was secured by Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey.  Thus, the website you are reading still exists.

Rather than filing Motions for Dismissal or Summary Judgment to end the Miller’s new Maine State lawsuit, it was important for us to go to trial since there were contested facts.  A few examples. . . 

The Millers et al contended that Judy and Jim defamed them by reporting – in their personal stories about 17 years as followers, "instrument keepers,” and board members of the Millers' GWP that there was group sexual activity (called "energy work") among the leaders and female followers and that followers were told that this "energy work" would bring in designs for new GWP "healing instruments" from the "spirit world" to the GWP leader, John "Tubby" Miller. The Millers et al each denied, under oath during depositions, that group sexual activity of any kind took place among GWP leaders and an inner group of followers.

The Millers et al also deny that Gentle Wind Project is a cult, and they claim in their promotional material that they have "clinical research" on the effectiveness of their "healing instruments" and that this "research" meets scientific standards. Based on our years of association with GWP we disagree with the Millers, and have also shown how the GWP so-called research is anecdotal and/or conducted by GWP believers / “instrument keepers.” This is described in Insiders' Stories and A Husband's Perspective.


If the purpose of the Millers' Federal/State lawsuit was to silence us and others, it was a misuse of the judicial system requiring large amounts of their donors' money to pay their lawyers. As Carl Starrett, Esq., moderator of the Gentle Wind Victims’ Forum stated, 

"GWP must have spent several hundred thousand dollars in legal fees 
[in their Federal Court lawsuit alone] and they came up empty." 

In addition to the correct application of the Federal law for us, the defendants, Judge Carter's U.S. District Court Order was an extremely important decision for anyone who believes in an individual's right to speak freely about personal experiences, and to share information of public importance through the Internet without fear of being intimidated, sued, silenced, and harmed financially.  

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School, 
called the Federal decision, "An important victory for free expression on the Internet." 
(For a link to The Berkman Center's story, and for other news, see "Important Updates," below.)

We are very grateful for the support and encouragement – from a wide variety of individuals and institutions, including the pro bono assistance by the Berkman Center – that we have received throughout this process. 

                                                                                                   Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey 

More Newspaper, Lawsuit Updates, and GWP Information 

Portland Press Herald -- "Judge Throws Out Gentle Wind [Federal] Lawsuit"

Berkman Center for Internet & Society -- Harvard Law School (1-11-06)
"Court Rejects Online RICO Claims Based on Ex-Group Members’ Web Site"
"An important victory for free expression on the Internet.

Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society, Vo. 3, No. 6  
"Maine District Court Holds that Group of Individuals Who Published Criticism of 'Cult' 
On-line Are Not an Association-in-Fact Under RICO" 
"In a recent decision, a U.S. District Court set standards that would indicate what on-line activities would and would not constitute racketeering under RICO...."

Maine TodayPortsmouth Herald &  Associated Press 
"Healing Organization Files [Maine state] Lawsuit Against Former Members" -- "Speaking Dangerously, Online"  
Also see "Not so Gentle," and USC Annenberg Review 
"Overzealous Lawyers Beware: Today's Sites Are Fighting Back -- Lawsuit Regarding 
Internet Freedom of Expression" [about GWP's now dismissed Federal lawsuit]

Ellsworth American -- "GW Not Done Blowing: Same Allegations, Different Court"
ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association) E-Newsletter  
Click on "News Briefs"
"[GWP] has filed a new defamation suit against a Blue Hill couple"

WMTW-TV 8, Portland ME -- "Group's Lawsuit Against Ex-Members Thrown Out"

Foster's Sunday Citizen -- "GW Spiritual Group Again Sues Ex-Members"   

New Zealand Press Association -- "US Lawsuit against NZ Website Operator Thrown Out"

Wash Park Prophet -- "Sect's Slapp Suit Stopped,"The case bears the classic elements 
of a modern SLAPP suit. . .it throws in everything and the kitchen sink."

SkepticoCritical Thinking for an Irrational World, "A victory for free speech on the web."

Doc Bob's Jehovah's Witness Website, "GWP [Federal] Lawsuit Dismissed -- A Huge Success"

Equilibra -- "GWP Lawsuit [Federal] Dismissed: Monumental victory for freedom of speech."

Legal Times -- "Suits against Anti-Cult Blogger Provide Test for Online Speech"
Maine Indy Media "Court Rejects Online RICO Claims Based on Ex-Group Members' Web Site"


GWP 2004
GWP 2004
GWP 2003
GWP 2003
GWP 2002
GWP 2002
GWP 2001
GWP 2001
GWP 2000
GWP 2000
Opinion - GWP Accounts
Opinion - GWP Accounts
GWP 1999
GWP 1999

                           Motion for Summary Judgment in Federal Court   (Granted, 1-3-06)
We are pleased to be able to share this landmark winning Motion 
as a resource for anyone in similar circustances, and so that readers 
can evaluate the material independently.

           Statement of Material Facts is a concise summary of the facts from the plaintiffs’ 
                                                 and defendants’ depositions and documents.

Press Release "Lawsuit Against 'Cult-Watcher' Dismissed" describes earlier 2005 
Federal Court gwp lawsuit dismissals.

GWP IRS Form 990: 9/1/03-8/31/04, filed 7/15/05 -- Click PDF symbol:
(Please scroll down to view more GWP IRS 990s  -- from 1998 to present) 

Yahoo Discussion Forum -- GWP [Ex]-Victims Board 
Opinions by former members, as well as present advocates, of GWP. Open to everyone.



View ABC-TV-10 news story (The San Diego Channel)
Or, read the text:  The San Diego Channel news story
An investigative 3-minute news story about the Gentle Wind Project 

View ABC-TV-8 News Story  -- Click PDF symbol:
WMTW - Portland (ME) TV News Special 
Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey 
and GWP co-director, Mary "Moe" Miller 

Maine Today/Portland Press Herald
"Gentle Wind Project Sues Couple over Internet Postings: Two former 
associates published articles charging the group with financial and sexual exploitation."

Portland Press Herald
"Judge: Web site can't be sued for 'cult' comment" 
Portland Press Herald Letters
"GWP from two others' perspective" 

Now Toronto Magazine -- "Can This Card Save You? 
Gentle Wind's Big-Buck Healing Instruments Panned by Ex-Members."

Ellsworth Weekly (ME) 
"Holistic Healing or New Age Hoodoo? Few Answers are Blowing in the Gentle Wind" 
Ellsworth Weekly "Letters to the Editor"
In response to "Holistic Healing or New Age Hoodoo."

The Ellsworth American (ME)
"'Gentle Wind Project' Wafts into Ellsworth: Alternative 'Healer' Sues Former Fans"
Maine Press Association Investigative Report Award
The Ellsworth American "Letters to the Editor"
 In response to "[GWP] Wafts into Ellsworth"
"Has the Tsunami Washed 'Cults' Ashore?"

Foster's Sunday Citizen (NH)
"New Age Therapy Group Sues over Web Site."

Philadelphia Weekly
"Oh How the Gentle Wind Blows"
Philadelphia Weekly "Letters to the Editor"
"A Mighty Wind"

Click HERE to read about the independent investigation of GWP by the 
Special Investigations Agency of San Diego, CA

San Diego Union-Tribune 
"'Healing' cards offered to victims. Some Dismiss Claims of Power as Quackery." 
and follow up article in The Rational Inquiry "Healing Cards,"
News Summary 2007 by Rick Ross: "'Quackery' during tragic California fires 
provides 'nothing' to desperate victims, says doctor"

  Philly Burbs Courier-Times -- two articles:    
"Puck Power ?"       
"Feeling Those Good Vibrations? Not

     Portsmouth Herald (NH) or HERE
         "Nonprofit Accused of Cult Activity." 

(While we are grateful for publicity about the difficulties we have had in struggling for the right to tell our personal stories, we regret that there were inaccuracies in this article.  These are explained in our Letter to the Editor)

"'Cult Activity’ Article Missed the Mark"
To the Editor,
 "We wish to correct some misinformation in the article "Nonprofit Accused of Cult Activity" (Portsmouth Herald, 7-23-04). In our personal stories on we do not allege child neglect, extortion, or misappropriation of funds by Gentle Wind Project. This information actually comes from Gentle Wind who claim in their lawsuit that this is what we said. They are using what some might call a "straw man argument – turning words around and then arguing against the new statement.  Unfortunately, the reporter for this story took her information from the Gentle Wind websites or sources rather than quoting from our stories.
"In addition, Garvey was briefly part of the GWP group sexual activity in the early years of her involvement with the group only, not up until four years ago.  This is completely inaccurate and does not reflect our personal stories or our conversation with the reporter. 
"The information presented about Gentle Wind Project in the Portsmouth Herald article sounds more like an infomercial for Gentle Wind products as opposed to investigative reporting. If you wish to provide accuracy for your readers, we would suggest further research into: costs ("donations") for Gentle Wind's so-called "healing" instruments; real data -- outside of Gentle Wind created data -- showing efficacy of their products based on objective scientific studies; personal stories from victims and donors who have lost large sums of their personal income in the purchases of GWP products; and a discussion of the unsubstantiated claims made by GW. All of this is already available on our website.
"Thank you for printing this statement so that the inaccuracies in your article can be corrected."

Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey

If you are interested in how the GWP leaders spent your "donations," click on the files below for their IRS nonprofit Form 990s. You can also read             
"An Opinion on the GWP Accounts" by clicking here:                

Or, for a first-hand account of GWP finances as experienced by an ex-member, read A Husband's Perspective on this site, where GWP's use 
of "contributed" money is described in detail.


To read the Millers/GWP's Maine State Court Complaint, please click here:

What did the Millers and other GWP leaders accuse us of? 
Producing the website you are presently reading and 
speaking and writing publicly about our opinions 
and personal experiences with GWP.  


How to Access GWP Federal & Maine State Court Lawsuit Documents 

Space here doesn't allow for posting the many Federal Court documents from GWP's convoluted, and now dismissed, U.S. District Court lawsuit. However, we have learned that the first 98 Federal Court documents are being hosted in a free Docket Sheet Directory.  The documents that led to GWP's dismissal from Federal Court are at the top of this website page.

Court documents in GWP's Federal lawsuit are public information and are also available 
(for a charge) at  
(Docket#04-CV-103-P-C / Maine District Court / Gentle Wind Project)

Or, if you have been sued by a cultic or high control group, you may contact us.  
Court documents and depositions are public information.

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We invite you to send comments or opinions about your own experiences with GWP
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Attorney General Consent Decree
Attorney General Consent Decree

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The information within the Wind of Changes website is being provided to offer accounts to the public of former members’ personal experiences with the Gentle Wind Project leaders. 

All the information about the Gentle Wind Project, or other groups or individuals mentioned or included on this website, must be evaluated and judged by each reader, through a process of individual and independent reading and thought.  Except for the Gentle Wind Project and its leaders and affiliates, the mention and/or inclusion of any other group on this website does not define it as a "cult" and/or any individual mentioned as either harmful and/or destructive. 

The Gentle Wind Project’s own official website, which reflects their views, is at; however, their website was completely altered after the Consent Decree the GWP leaders signed with the Maine Attorney General, and, as of July 2008, was removed from the Internet entirely. A second GWP website, was removed by GWP during September 2004. (Versions of websites that change or disappear from the Internet can sometimes be found on archival websites, such as the Way Back Machine:

Wind of Changes does not necessarily endorse or support any of the views expressed within the books, website links, and outside opinions listed on each page of this website. They are provided only for the convenience of researchers and those concerned with learning more. 

We stand by every word we have written about our 17 years with GWP.
(our wording is on this website) 

It   is   all   true,   based   on   our   personal   experiences.







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