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Email received from a former GWP "instrument keeper":

"It boggles my mind that I gave them this much money.  I was led to believe that the healing instruments would be able to take care of any kind of problem. And of course, with each new instrument, the claim was that it would do even more than the last one, and hopefully would be just exactly what was needed.  It was a vicious cycle. I would feel almost high driving home with the thought that I would be able to help my family that much more. So, of course, I willingly went further and further into debt. How could I not; it was for my kids?
"My friend ___ got me involved in this originally and then decided, later on, that anything that was happening to her was really coming from herself rather than the instruments, and that everyone is capable of doing this on their own without any crutches. She also did a little research on GWP (though there wasn’t much out there at the time) and thought that what they were charging was outrageous. So she wanted nothing to do with them and this definitely had an impact on our relationship.
"By then I was completely hooked, defending GWP no matter what she or anyone else said to me. After a bit she wouldn’t even let me bring up the subject.  Of course, now I don’t blame her. I thought at the time that she was being ridiculous and I couldn't understand why she was so against using the healing instruments. We eventually had a big falling out, which was one of the most painful things that I've ever gone through, and we have only recently gotten back to the point of being friends again. 
"I've been able to move on from my experience with the GWP with help from her and some other friends.  When I told her I was done with GWP (it happened to be her birthday) she had tears in her eyes, and told me later that it was the best birthday present that I could ever give her. She also told me a few days later that she felt like I had been in this sort of evil black hole while I was under the influence of the GWP.
"I know now that the healing instruments didn't do anything and don't do anything. It was all placebo. We're not the damaged people that the GWP wants everyone to think that they are.  I still haven't been able to come clean with everyone in my life, but I'm getting there. At least now I feel free and not burdened by trying to get people to use the healing instruments. What a relief!!!"

-- Anonymous former IK


From Leigh, recounting her GWP Seminar experience:

Around four years ago, a friend of mine brought the Gentle Wind Project to my attention.  We are both involved in alternative healing, and she thought this might be something interesting.  They were giving a weekend seminar at a hotel a few hours away.  We decided to drive up and stay the weekend so we could find out more about this "healing" work.

Upon entering the conference room on the first day of the seminar, we were instructed to sit in front of a 12" x12" laminated design which was taped to a wall.  We were to sit in front of it with our eyes closed and our hand on the print, until we felt "energized." I am a pretty sensitive individual as far as energies go; however, I felt nothing at all from that exercise, except perhaps a little stupid.  We were then told to take a seat while a very composed looking woman began the lecture.  During her discourse, a small plastic device that resembled a hockey puck was passed around.  We were supposed to feel the healing energy that emitted from this puck. I tried, but felt nothing.  At this point, I just figured these GW people probably were a sincere, albeit misguided, group. 

Shortly after we passed around the plastic instrument, a very distraught young woman stood up anxiously.  She was visibly shaking and obviously in a great deal of emotional pain.  She said she had just recently experienced the death of her young son.  She was referred to Gentle Wind because she was told they had healing instruments that could help alleviate some of the desperate pain she was going through.  She told of how she held the healing device for several weeks, as instructed, and she wanted to know why she felt worse and not better.  The woman at the podium seemed to be familiar with the grieving young woman, and was trying desperately to feign a peaceful composure and not let her utter disgust at the interruption show through (she was not doing a good job of that).  Her extremely cold response to this poor woman was, "Well, you have not given the instrument enough time and you haven't used it properly.  I'll discuss this with you at another time, after you have used the instrument properly." 

By now the woman was crying and demanding to know what she did wrong, and why it did not work as she was told it would.  This time, the woman at the podium, through almost gritting teeth, told that young woman that she would no longer continue this conversation at this venue.  She told her to go home, use the instrument for two more weeks, and then she would answer all of her questions.  If I remember correctly, her words were, "I will not communicate with you while your pain is still clouding your reception."  Well, something to that effect, close and disgusting enough.  The woman stormed out devastated, confused and crying.  Without missing a beat or offering an explanation to what just took place, the recomposed automaton at the podium continued her lecture. 

I was appalled, horrified and shaking myself.  I looked around the room and saw a few people squirming because of what just happened.  But they all settled and in a moment all eyes were back up front.  I don't know why I didn't, and I have not yet forgiven myself, for not getting up and screaming in front of that room, "What's wrong with you people?  Didn't you all see what just happened?  How can anything good or even remotely healing come from a group represented by someone so cruel?  We just witnessed a ghastly behavior, totally devoid of compassion and human decency.  How can anything healing originate from this?"

I left the room and tried to find out where that young woman went.  I didn't know what I would say to her, but I was trained in grief counseling by hospice and perhaps I could offer her something to ease her pain even a fraction; at least more than a plastic hockey puck could do.  But she was gone.

I went back into that room to get my friend and hopefully leave.  At this point they had set up a table and were selling laminated 12" x 12” prints of geometric designs which we were told held very powerful healing energies. I believe these sold for $100 per sheet.  The large wall hanging size, which were "good for corporations" sold for, I believe, somewhere around $1800 per sheet. 

Needless to say, we did not stay for the next day's workshop.  From time to time, I still thought of that incident; and I was NOT surprised at all when I saw the horror stories on Google.  I know my story isn't anything like the awful things I've read, but I wanted and needed to share it in honor of that dear young woman.  I failed to stand up to that dreadful person for her and I am so sorry for that. 

My experience with the GWP, thankfully, was peripheral, but it did stay with me. I am happy to be able to share this experience for the woman who was treated so badly.

There are so many hidden agendas in the world of spiritual healing.  I've met many snake oil salesmen in my quest to understand the true nature of healing.  Some knowingly work their game; others are well intentioned but misguided. With them, at worst, you lose some time and money.  But the predators are different. Their price is much higher. They know their agenda full well, and they know where to go to facilitate it.  They hide out behind a rainbow of "light and love," welcoming the wounded and the seekers to their safe place.  They zero in on the vulnerable like a lion does a gazelle.  I regret the many times I've excused blatantly bad behavior in favor of being spiritually correct, opting instead, that those in touch with "higher ups" sometimes behave in ways we can't yet comprehend.  Uggghhh. 

Having a negative experience with these types can really sour someone to the truly wonderful and gifted individuals who are healers and who look for nothing more than to be of service in the world.  Thankfully, I have met and learned from some of these benevolent souls as well.  The common thread with these folks seems to be their deep humility and a noticeable lack of mention to having any privileged associations with "celestial hierarchies."  Not that some predators can't feign humility; they can for a time.  But eventually the narcissism bleeds through somewhere, somehow. They can't stop it. 

It's our job to be ever vigilant in discernment, and very in touch with our intuitive sense, though I do understand how strong intuitive warnings can be silenced once a hypnotic effect takes hold.  I've been exposed to deception in the past, not as devastating as yours, but still, painful and costly.

I suppose, ultimately, even these predators are teachers providing important lessons.  An encounter with one (should you survive) provides invaluable knowledge, and knowledge is power.  Once alerted to the workings of subtle hypnotic techniques, they can't ever have the same effect on you again.

Leigh, USA


A monkey once said to a man:

'Do you not realize how destitute I am?
I have no house, no clothes, no fine food like you, no savings,
furniture, lands, articles of adornment -- nothing at all.
You, in contrast, have all these things and more.
Besides, you are a rich man.'

The man felt ashamed. He made over everything he had to the monkey,
beggaring himself.

When the monkey had taken legal charge of his entire possessions,
the man said to him:

'Now what are you going to do with all this?'

The monkey said:

'Why should I talk to a penniless fool like you?'

-- from The Magic Monastery by Indries Shah


Communications between Ivan Fraser and GWP "Instrument Keepers"
followed by
Communication from Ivan Fraser to Gentle Wind Project


I am copying this to you because, despite numerous attempts to post my final response to criticisms on the GWP discussion board, it never appeared. [GWP Discussion Board has since been removed from the Internet. Why?]

I believe that everyone who partook of the debate deserves to at least have the opportunity to read this, whether or not they agree. Everything said in these letters is true to the best of my knowledge and what is verifiable has been; in fact the entire financial dealings of the gwp are available for viewing at 

Also included in this mail is a letter I have forwarded to GWP [see below] in answer to allegations made about myself on their websites, for your information. Should you never see a response to this letter, then I suggest you should ask yourself seriously why not; why one side of the debate is being open and honest and accurate, whilst the other is being manipulative, deceitful and closeted about some extremely important questions that need answers (that is, accurate answers, rather than the fabrications heretofore afforded by the directors of GWP).

Ivan Fraser

Together in Truth we can change the world!

FINAL POST [to Gentle Wind Yahoo message board]

Dear _________,

I do hope they go and 'Google' me to see what I am saying about the 'reptilian conspiracy theory' perpetrated by David Icke. I am actually criticising it heavily as a form of mind control; an unhealthy fantasy construct based on misunderstanding and poor research.

On the same theme, the GWP homepage has also misrepresented what I have said (clearly, as it's on my website); that I believe I am some kind of saviour of mankind. They relate an encounter I had with a gypsy when I was a teenager and imply it was just a con, and ignore the fact that what she said has since come true, as well as assuming the gypsy visited me to extort money -- very big assumption.

Truth doesn't matter when you’re backed against a wall though to these people.

Oh well. I simply told the truth, which is all I can do. If the truth turns into a weapon against me, it certainly isn't the first time I've been misrepresented and people have listened to liars without checking out for themselves what I actually believe and said.

GWP are denying allegations that have not been made – which anyone can see if they bother to look at what was written by me and by Bergin/Garvey. For only one example of many, they deny allegations of rape – none were made.

They don't give the names or urls of where these allegations are made because they don't want you to read them (despite our having openly given the urls of the GWP). They also know that to include our names and urls opens them up to libel action because they KNOW FULL WELL that what they have written are lies.

This is typical political rhetoric and lies designed to keep the faithful faithful. You good folks read the defence and see what others have alleged and don't even realise that these allegations WERE NOT MADE!

They also allege that I have not allowed GWP people to have their say. ENTIRELY FICTITIOUS! In the article I wrote – which is still to be seen in issue 25 of The Truth Campaign magazine and is available online -- I INVITED responses POSITIVE and NEGATIVE from anyone who desired to comment. I then printed the only positive response I received by Mary Miller and wrote to her again asking for clarification -- SHE REFUSED to give any more. That was the only response I received from GWP and I PRINTED IT IN FULL!

Steve Gamble received numerous calls from GWP people who refused to give a name, as well as several silent calls. We did indeed print excerpts from those conversations.

We could not have printed more testimonials from GWP.

GWP used reverse psychology and lies to defame ourselves and make us appear ignorant charlatans.

That's exactly what ignorant charlatans do.

Guys, you are believing easily verifiable lies! All the proof of what we are saying is EASILY accessible, only you CHOOSE to ignore it.

The responses are actually getting more outrageous. The latest addition that justifies spending huge amounts on luxury items by claiming they were research materials, well I'm surprised that even you in your altered states of consciousness can't see how blatantly ridiculous that is. Then again, it would be an enormous shock to the system to realise how blatantly you are being shafted. It's a defence mechanism to just believe these things rather than allow yourselves to open up to the reality that the GWP is cult grooming selected personality types for indoctrination to foist upon them a means to channel money to the inner organisation, and to spread [this] virus as far and wide around the world as possible.

The Brotherhood is not an altruistic spirit world organisation. It is an aspect of the rogue consciousness of the astral plane. GWP are channelling wolves in sheep’s clothing. And they have been PLAYING WITH FIRE!

You good folks are the victims. . . .These people are clever mind manipulators. . . .

So why do you choose to believe people who admit they don't understand what they are channelling, but merely do so on behalf of a shadowy brotherhood somewhere 'on the other side'?

If someone came to your door and told you they had some food that they were given by people they didn't know, who told them it would help make you feel better, would you just eat it? Of course not. It could be a 'date rape drug' or a poison.

But that's what you are doing. . . .Normality has been reset, and your gauge for judgement also.

The only place where you will find that gauge again is right within your hearts. But unfortunately, the devices reinforce the level external to the heart and make one feel the heart energy and truth in a different level to where it actually is. So, so much that is wrong FEELS right, and the consequent emotions and actions from those feelings are likewise distorted.

As for GWP pointing out [alleged] criminal pasts of cult awareness workers, these are red herrings too. These people now have the experience to do their work BECAUSE they have undergone mind control [in the past] to the point where they [could have been] coerced into criminal activity. It is evidence of the power of cult mind control to make good people do things that are against their nature. If these people had not had such an extreme experience and thankfully recovered, they would have no right to do the work they are doing now.

[GWP] are projecting many of their own iniquities as allegations against others, knowing that mud sticks, despite the facts.

You're being groomed by clever psychology that makes you feel so self-righteous.

You are GOOD people with loving intent who have been caught up in something that has manipulated you into being something you're not.

If the technology was as described you would not attack others for trying to help and you wouldn't react with such violent venom.

If the technology worked you would not need any upgrades, because you would be balanced already and after so many years using them you would not react in the ways you have. You would look at how you have behaved on the [message] board and feel rightly ashamed. . . .

I tried to post a few days ago, then left this board. But several of my attempts have not appeared.

I believe you all have more than enough DATA to show you what is truly going on – but I cannot make you read it or understand it. I can only give you the truth; I cannot make you have the eyes to see nor ears to hear.

So in the hope that this final post actually does appear, I will restate that in my view, you are all my brothers and sisters. Unconditional love gives WHAT IS NEEDED, not always what is wanted.  I hold no feeling of malice for any of you.

I wish you all the very best for the future and hope that everyone (including myself) has learned valuable lessons from our brief head to head.

Love to you all,

LETTER TO GWP , 17th April 2004

Hi all at GWP,

I have decided to take you up on the invitation to contact for answers to my queries below:

Considering the entirely erroneous charge you have made about my investigations into GWP – i.e. that I have refused to contact GWP and that I have refused to seek the feedback of GWP users – I have decided to follow the logical step of appeasing this charge by inviting you to respond.

The fact that I wrote an article about my own assessment of one of the GWP devices and clearly invited responses from all users – both positive and negative – appears to have escaped you. The fact that both Steve Gamble and I did indeed have communications with GWP device users who were most enthusiastic, and that I printed the entire corpus of responses submitted IN TOTAL in The Truth Campaign magazine, also seems to have escaped your notice.

The fact that I also communicated with one member in response to her testimony and invited further testimony, though was turned down point blank, also seems to have escaped your notice.

However, to read your assessment of the situation on your eye of the sky page [nb: GWP removed their website in Sept 04], people would be left in the belief that the opposite was, in fact, the case.

Unfortunately, this level of accuracy of reporting is entirely consistent with virtually everything else that you have stated in your defence to allegations by myself, Steve Gamble and Bergin/Garvey.

So here's your chance to put the record straight. And I am prepared to reprint your response VERBATIM on my website. You have FREE REIGN to say what you wish and I will reprint it.

In essence, I would like to ask you the following (though feel free to embellish and stray from these areas if you so wish to include additional points of your own):

1. Why have you misrepresented my views and failed to report what was said and clearly intended on my website about the 'gypsy's prophecy' in the introduction to my book? Why have you represented me as believing that I am some kind of 'Messiah', rather than simply reporting what was actually said? Please, feel free to QUOTE me directly rather than twist and misrepresent my words, and then your readers will be able to judge for themselves how to view me.

2. Why have you avoided using my and Steve Gamble's name directly in your rebuttal – as indeed you have omitted the names of the other 2 'cult awareness' workers whom you also attempt to defame by spinning details of their pasts?

3. Why have you failed to give your readers the urls of our sites so that they can see what we say for themselves? Especially as we give your urls so that people can see BOTH SIDES of the argument; something that your literature would indicate would be against our characters.

4. Despite the lengthy rebuttal of the [so-called] Bergin/Garvey report and attempts at character assassination of me and the other critics, why have you entirely failed to comment on my and Gamble's assessment of the effects of the GWP devices on the human energy field? Considering this was my only contribution to the debate, and you have chosen to criticise me, this omission is at worst highly suspicious and evidence that you know my report is accurate, or at best evidence that you have no proper understanding about such things and prefer to ignore it. Either way, you do yourself no favours by ignoring it.

5. As you criticise myself for having no scientific evidence of my own claims to be a 'healer' on my website, I would like to draw attention to the fact that you have ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE posted on your site either. In the spirit of truth, therefore, I would be very pleased to see if you would explain why you attempt to defame another with allegations of which you are clearly guilty yourself? Please include all scientific evidence in your response and I will attempt to include it on my website – space permitting.

6. Given that you have a considerable value attached to the GWP, can you tell me whether – in the event of the GWP coming to a close – you will reimburse donations to those who have contributed? Especially in reference to the real estate paid for by GWP donations, yet registered as being owned personally by the directors!

I assume that if the GWP did suffer demise, then these properties worth upwards of approx. a million dollars or so would still belong to the directors, and not the group, and would therefore constitute a rather luxurious pension, or retirement gift?

7. Could you inform me and your donators whether or not you see yearly salaries of around $25,000*[see amendment below] as justified? Given that your homes, food, research and apparent luxury items (considering the sums accounted for these seem way beyond the average person's expenditure per category) are paid for by income generated by the – allegedly non-profit – organisation, what could possibly be left that would require a wage of $25,000** to pay for?

I live with my partner, who is the only wage-earner and is responsible for household bills, maintenance, food etc. and I run a non-profit organisation that does not pay me even the minimum wage recognised by this country; and yet, if our household bills, repairs, food, office equipment, research and our luxury items (i.e. a television and hifi, etc., and the rare day out to the cinema or a concert, etc) were all accounted for, what would be left over from my partner's wage (which is actually roughly equivalent to that paid to each of the directors)** would be sufficient to provide us with a lifestyle that would be luxurious in comparison with that which we have at present. We may, for example afford holidays (which we have not had for over 14 years, except for one long weekend away in 1996).

Please take this opportunity to correct your erroneous representation of myself and the history of my dealings with GWP instrument users and critics. I have taken your criticisms as a challenge that I would like to take you up on and show you directly that I am not the closed-minded, deluded charlatan that you write about on your websites.

Please respond as requested above by 25th of April 2004 or abstention from such response will be taken as evidence that you submit your sincerest apologies for your gross misrepresentations and omissions, and that you cannot defend yourselves against my charges in the The Truth Campaign magazines -- also reprinted on the world wide web as linked from my website

Yours sincerely,
Ivan Fraser (editor, The Truth Campaign magazine)

** Correction: This figure is taken from an earlier financial report filed by GWP. This wage figure has subsequently  TRIPLED to the most recent figure of $72,000 or more [per person]!

Addendum: I must also voice my concern about the forthcoming venture by K Bramhall to take GWP products to Iran and thereabouts. These are Muslim countries and are currently extremely turbulent. I sincerely fear for this lady's safety in areas renowned for taking extremist action against perceived heretics, not least against female ones.

I strongly urge that she undertake this venture with extreme care, and preferably rethink the project altogether.

(I also wonder why the directors of GWP have not funded this trip considering their substantial salaries; especially in light of the fact that they appear to have taken the credit for this entirely personal venture undertaken by K Bramhall, and attributed this trip to GWP on their website. At least as recently as a week ago, since when a host of literature and inaccurate allegations and claims have been entirely removed, including even a link to their eyeofthesky page [nb: GWP removed their website in Sept 04]– which is also largely a pack of lies designed to denigrate genuine people and obscure the truth about what the GWP really gets up to.)

Together in Truth we can change the world!

Now Toronto Magazine - Letters to the Editor, Nov. 2004

"Suspicious Wind"

Gentle Wind has lifted information from Western spiritualism and Hinduism to explain how its "healing instruments" work (NOW, November 4-10). Gentle Wind claims that "an invisible sphere 5 feet wide and 9 feet high surrounds each of us." This sounds suspiciously like the human energy field called an "astral body" by members of the Theosophical Society circa 1890 and an "aura" by Hinduism.

Various practitioners of alternative medicine believe that physical and/or mental illness comes from the human energy field being out of whack, and they use various tools and techniques to restore harmony.

Gentle Wind also claims to channel "telepathic communications from non-physical entities living outside the earth's physical and astral system." Would one of these non-physical entities be Seth? The late Jane Roberts channelled an entity called Seth in the 60s and 70s and published transcriptions of these sessions.

No ethical healer of the human energy field would ask clients to pay $10,000 for a "healing instrument."

Louis Solnicki


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