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I Ching Systems -- Life Insights/Systems -- Global Information Network (GIN) -- Family Systems Research

Caution - These are some of the latest names used by the Millers to sell their same old products  and con newcomers

"Tall Tales" by John and Mary Miller about Jim Bergin, Judy Garvey, and Maine's Attorney General.
See top of Home page. (We've heard many Tubby/Moe fabrications; here are a few. 
They are amazing and humorous, except for the fact that Miller followers might actually believe them.)

Warning! Promotion of GWP's latest products and disproven claims
appear at several Miller follower-distributor's' websites, now fronting for the Millers:
Examples: Mary Ann Russell "Jozef via Mary Miller"

Watch new video: "Cult Recovery 101" with Jim Bergin   Also watch here.
After 17 years with GWP, Jim realized that he was in a controlling group/cult.  How did that happen?
How does someone get drawn into a cult? How can you get someone out?

Another helpful video: "Cult Recovery 201" with Madeleine Tobias
Former cult member, exit counselor, therapist and author talks about mind control, cults and cult leaders.
and "Cult Recovery 202" with Madeleine Tobias Highly recommended - Overcoming cult indoctrination.

ICSA Conference Panel --  Decline of the Gentle Wind Project:
How Former Members Withstood a Lawsuit and Secured a Victory for Free Speech
International Cultic Studies Association Annual Conference, Univ of PA, Philadelphia

"Tubby" and "Moe" Miller (AKA Panuthos/Carreiro/Silver) are always on the road selling their wares
(same old wares with new names)  . . .  
See FactNet's "A Chance to Picket the Gentle Wind Project" with
"Moe" Miller's email announcement to followers. 

Read James Randi's Newsletter for "A CALL FOR MORE TEETH IN THE LAW


A Partial List of GWP Connections . . .Some of the many names used by the Millers to market their products after GWP was put out of business by the Maine Attorney General

1) Life-Connections --"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" - William Shakespeare

2) I Ching Systems -- A slick and boring website w / same old con games.  More Miller dissembling HERE

3)  More incoherent fabrications. Also, a brainwashed endorsement by one of the people later sued by the Millers. Question: If the brainwashed follower's statements aren't valid, shouldn't readers question all other testimonials posted by this cult?  

4) Global Information Network (Yuck!)  5) The GIN Store (Present followers must be so embarrassed!)

6) "Gentle Wind Project "Ministries" / aka "Minister Mike" / aka "Mike Smith"  Whoops, they've disappeared again !
For a fleeting glance at a short-lived website by the Millers, check the PDF's:

7) Family Systems Research Group-FSRG (Admirers' sites here and here promoting newest products)

8) Gentle Wind Project (GWP website taken off line; see files below)

9) Eye of the Sky * (Removed by GWP leaders fall 2004. See )

                 10) Gentle Wind11) Gentle Wind Retreat     12) Gentle Wind/Turning Point

                              13) The Gentle Wind School      14) Gentle Wind WorldWide

15) Allies for Trauma Relief  * (See Way Back Machine archives: The original site stated that the "...mission is to facilitate the distribution and implementation of the [GWP] trauma relief technology..."
Following the Maine Attorney General's lawsuit against GWP and its leaders, and warnings by the NH Attorney General, the so-called "Allies for Trauma Relief" removed all mention from its website of affiliation with GWP;
Next, the names listed under "board of directors" were removed; and eventually all other website content. 

16) Gentle Wind Iran *   (See Way Back Machine archives)
Gentle Wind Iran removed the content from this website.   See

17) Gentle Wind Western Massachusetts *
Gentle Wind Western Massachusetts removed the content from this website.

18)  Gentle Wind Hawaii * (See Way Back Machine archives)
In November 2006, Gentle Wind Hawaii removed the content from this website.

Gentle Wind Project Morphs to:
Life-Insights / Global Information Network (GIN) / Life-Systems
Gentle Wind "Ministries" / FSRG / I-Ching Systems
Family Systems Research  Group
Life Alignment Array / Trauma Support . . . and on and on and on

John “Tubby” Miller and Mary “Moe” Miller’s Newest Enterprise
Warning!! Promotion of GWP's latest products and disproven claims at admirers' websites:
" Life-Connections" and "Life Alignment Array" and  "healing technology."

"Gentle Wind Changes Direction" by Disinterested Party

"Gentle Wind Changes Direction" on Freedom of Mind

Phactum Newsletter (Philadelphia Assoc for Critical Thinking):

Group's Healing Claims Questioned by Others Daily Hampshire Gazette

"Family Systems Research Group (FSRG)" Apologetics Resources

Typical of cultic groups when exposed, in GWP’s case by the Maine Attorney General,* the leaders will change stripes – in name or location – and pitch, to maintain control over followers, attract new recruits, and keep the money flowing. 

* (See Home page for the Maine AG’s lawsuit against the Millers and the AG’s Consent Decree that put GWP out of business forever in Maine and took away their assets.)

      Disinterested Party critiques the latest nonsense from GWP followers:  "Artifact Corner"

Anaba reviews the Millers' pathetic "art" exhibit: "Feature Showing Total ****!  Why???"

Now we have “new” organizations called Gentle Wind "Ministries" or Life-Systems or Family Systems Research Group, described in its publicity as “pick[ing] up where GWP technology leaves off….”; seemingly consisting of the same cast of characters who signed the AG’s Consent Decree.  Little has changed – beyond the defensive disclaimers and sales now based on price (mostly *) instead of “donations” in the marketing of their wares.  Surprisingly, they are still calling themselves “researchers.”  Lots of complaining about unfair treatment and cybersmear campaigns against them. Same old distortions.   Sore losers . . . Or just plain losers!

* (On the last page of the FSRG description, above, we learn that “a portion of each fee goes directly to the work of The Gentle Wind Project….”)

They still have “healing instruments” (now called “I Ching alignment instruments,” selling for $365 to $6,260); “telepathic healings” (now “distant alignments”); and offer “phone consultations [that] … may have a transformational effect....”  The “consultations” seem to hark back to the “soul readings” GWP promoted and used on former members in the early 80s (which they claimed to channel exclusively from “the spirit world.”) 

And, amazingly, hair samples and astrology * (now “behavioral astronomy” and “hexagram profiles”) are back – which is where GWP’s “Tubby” Miller and “Moe” Miller (then Claudia Panuthos AKA Mary Elizabeth Carreiro) and Tubby’s five female housemates, at that time, first began.  Oddly, another GWP dinosaur has been resuscitated – transactional analysis.

* (Consumer note:  You can download the “astrology” program used by FSRG  for $400, or much less, and run it on your home computer indefinitely, plugging in each client’s date and time of birth, etc.  See – the URL on FSRG’s charts.  Nevertheless, the shrewd people at FSRG sell charts to each client starting at $250 for “phase 1” and offer 3 phases for a total of $700.) 

The authors of FSRG’s description are identified by the term, “WE.”  Thus, former followers of GWP assume that “Tubby” and “Moe” may be continuing to affect that they’re speaking for “the spirits.” 

These approaches worked successfully for the Millers in the past, yielding GWP’s “nonprofit” millions of dollars (see GWP IRS Form 990s on Home page), so here we go again.  As they define in the world of recovery, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Some of us have learned that lesson.

GWP / FSRG Address Update: According to the newest website from the Millers' GWP, (which they have now taken offline), they are in Starks, NV. Family Systems Research Group’s sales material (see above) listed an address in Portsmouth, NH (again, no website available) at the same mail-drop location used by the Millers during their failed Federal and State lawsuits against Jim Bergin, Judy Garvey, Rick Ross, Ian Mander, Steve Gamble, Ivan Fraser, and Steve Hassan.  Yet, they are  on the move once again, most recently in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

The Maine Attorney General's Consent Decree prohibits GWP's existence in Maine
and the GWP leaders from ever operating another Maine nonprofit.  GWP (as Gentle Wind Retreat) was listed as a nonprofit just across the river in the state of New Hampshire, but the NH Attorney General ended that, too.  However, their latest name, Family Systems Research Group, is not listed as a non-profit, so perhaps can more easily avoid close scrutiny.  Last sightings of The Miller Family were in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

If you have questions or concerns, you might contact your own State's Attorney General.

FSRG description by The Miller Family
FSRG description by The Miller Family
FSRG Brochure 1 & 2 by The Miller Family
FSRG Brochure 1 & 2 by The Miller Family


The information within the Wind of Changes website is being provided to offer accounts to the public of former members’ personal experiences with the Gentle Wind Project leaders.

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The Gentle Wind Project’s own official website, which reflects their views, is at; however, their website was completely altered after the Consent Decree the GWP leaders signed with the Maine Attorney General, and, as of July 2008, was removed from the Internet entirely. A second GWP website, was removed by GWP during September 2004. (Versions of websites that change or disappear from the Internet can sometimes be found on archival websites, such as the Way Back Machine:

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i.e.: Gentle Wind ProjectEye of the Sky. For your own protection, check the others, too. 

See Caught in the Act of Manipulating, a review of Mary "Moe" Miller's new "book." And Cult News
Global Info Network Mary Miller
Global Info Network Mary Miller
Mary Miller -"GIN Family Reunion" Allows herself to be called "Doctor" without credentials, sports new age workshop garb for aging gurus, but still delivers the same tired old talk and promotes exorbitantly priced nonsense.
NEW!  What the Puck?
The Gentle Wind Project, a Quasi-Religious New Age Alternative Healing Organization